25 year old Woman successfully delivers Quintuplets in Kashmir

25 year old Woman successfully delivers Quintuplets in Kashmir

May 11, 2012: A 25-year-old woman has delivered five offspring after a successful surgery at a local maternity hospital in Kashmir. Resident of Beerwa village of Budgam district in Kashmir, Afroza has given birth to her babies seven years after delivering her first child. For the first time in Kashmir valley, a woman has successfully delivered quintuplets.

All her five babies (three boys and two girls) are alive, according to the doctors attending on her. However, one of her girl child has been referred for specialised treatment at Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of medical sciences. According to doctors, the weight of her babies is average and above with the lightest baby weighing 1.25 kg.

“Afroza was my patient for last nine months and today [on Thursday] I operated upon her and she delivered five babies”, said Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Matoo of Lal Ded Memorial Maternity hospital in Budgam, Kashmir.

Quintuplets in Kashmir Quintuplets in Kashmir

Dr. Matoo said that the weight of Afroza had increased from 70 kg to 90 kg during her pregnancy and she was experiencing unbearable pain during her pregnancy. “In her second month of pregnancy, we detected that she was carrying multiple babies,” said Dr Matoo.

Afroza had given birth to a baby boy seven years ago and was not able to conceive for the last seven years, but she did not lose hope. Afroza was on the ovulation induction drug recommended by the doctors and could successfully conceive after a long wait. However, she had certain complications due to multiple babies.

Dr Matoo further added saying, “It is a miracle that she gave birth to five babies. In such scenario blood circulation is a problem. Though she gave birth to five babies, it is very hard to breastfeed all.” Despite this fact, it was a moment of joy for the middle class family belonging to a remote village. On being asked by one of the doctors attending on Afroza – whether they would now prefer family planning? The family said no. “Their joy knew no bounds,” the doctor added.

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