5 Ways to tackle Contraception

5 Ways to tackle Contraception

Contraception is for preventing pregnancy and the best method is to do abstinence that is not having sex. Well this is not for most of the people, but for people who don’t feel ready, religious reasons and don’t want to use any form of contraception then this is only method.

Contraception aims in preventing pregnancy and some methods are also effective in protecting the person from Sexually transmitted diseases. Knowledge is very important; anything done without the knowledge of it can result is negative outcomes. Teenagers should specially be aware of the contraception as teenage pregnancy results in lot of physical and mental trauma. Unwanted pregnancy at any age is again problems. Therefore people should be educated and made aware about the different contraception methods available.


Different contraception methods have different chances of getting female pregnant as well as on the Sexually transmitted diseases. Earlier mentioned Abstinence is best as its hundred percent guaranteed ways of preventing pregnancy as well as STD’s. But for almost all people this is not so possible.

5 ways to tackle contraception:

  • Awareness and Education: know more about the contraception methods. There are different contraception methods which are available for females and males. Males need to use contraception for avoiding their sperm donation to the egg. It is vital to prevent entering of the sperm in the vaginal tract of the female in order to avoid pregnancy. Males when having inter course sex should take care that they too are safe from any Sexually transmitted diseases. Protection and Prevention is better than cure or no cure in case of AIDS. Females need to ensure that no ejaculation of the male should enter the vaginal tract. For females there are different contraception methods available.
  • Mutual Agreement between Partners: if you plan to have sex, and you don’t want any problem of pregnancy then you must talk about what contraception method each partner is using. When you are going for physical relationship, it means you are mature enough and so you must be able to talk about contraceptive methods. There is nothing wrong nor should you be shy about it. for the safety of both the partners it is very important that you talk about it. There should be mutual agreement as what contraception method they are to be using,
  • Consult Doctor: you can know more about contraception methods from internet but which contraception method will suit your body type and cause no other side effects, this you can know that from a doctor. Like oral contraceptive pills have side effects and are no safeguards against the Sexually transmitted diseases. There are contraceptive methods in which you can permanently or temporary you can prevent pregnancy such that you can have unprotected sex and you will not become pregnant. You can definitely know more about this from a doctor than anywhere else.
  • Contraceptive methods: contraceptive methods include:

Natural Fertility awareness and withdrawal

Barrier methods: Condoms and Sheaths, Diaphragms, Intra uterine devices

Hormonal method: Oral contraceptive pill, Intra Uterine systems, Long acting implants and Injections

Vasectomy and Sterilization

  • Emergency Contraception: In case you have had intercourse unprotected sex and female is unsure about the contraception method’s effectiveness. Or the condom has burst then females can opt for emergency contraception that is a pills which you have pop within seventy two hours of the unprotected sex. These pills should be used as last resort as they have side effects and that’s why called emergency contraception pills that is use in emergency.

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