Breastfeeding Cuts the Risk of Childhood Obesity – New Revelation

Breastfeeding Cuts the Risk of Childhood Obesity – New Revelation

The mothers who have diabetes, their children are more prone to risk of being childhood obese, but breastfeeding can reduce the risk, feeding should be for six months at least. This has been found by new study.

Tessa Crume who is epidemiologist, Phd, and is fellow researcher has tracked ninety four children who are of diabetic pregnancy along with three hundred and ninety nine kids of non diabetic mothers. Kids ranged from birth to age of thirteen. For evaluation Body Mass Index was used as indicator to study the influence of breastfeeding.

Explaining about the research and the study result she said that for defining the risk of obesity, early infant life, it has some critical perinatal periods. In research they studied exposure of over nutrition in uterus because of diabetic pregnancy on children, and early nutrition they have which can alter the risk of the childhood obesity.

The research initially found out, children who had diabetic pregnancy, were breast fed for six months, such has slower Body Mass Index as they grew older as compared to children with diabetic pregnancy but breast fed less than six months. Also this kind of similar pattern also was seen in children who were of non-diabetic pregnancy.

BreastfeedingIts already known by researchers that the children who have exposure to diabetes or even obesity in their gestation stage have high risk of getting childhood obesity as well the metabolism related diseases. Crume further added that now there is second critical chance where Body Mass Index growth can normalizes. This is done by breastfeeding the babies for at least six months. This also matched with the recommendations given by the Academy of Pediatrics for how much time babies must be breast fed compulsory.

Crume has said “Breast-feeding support represents an important clinical and public health strategy to reduce the risk of childhood obesity,” emphasizing on breast feeding, its important thing to do by mothers for reducing the risks of obesity in children. This is especially for diabetic mothers that they breast feed their child till six months. This new study is clinically important and is public health strategy where in a step in reducing the childhood obesity risks. Also it shall encourage mothers to breast feed babies for six months the least.

This research has been published in the newest edition of International Journal of Obesity.

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