Common Health Issues Faced by Women – Happy International Women’s Day

Common Health Issues Faced by Women Š Happy International WomenÕs Day

In todayā€™s world, women play significant roles in almost every aspect of life ā€“ Be it personal life or professional life or social life. Their contributions to make world a better place to live in are growing every day. With time, women have managed to bring prosperity and recognition to her, but have largely failed in showing concerns over her own health issues. They can be considered as experts in ignoring most of the health issues faced by them. There are some of the health issues that haunt women and lead to adverse consequences.

Some of the most common health issues faced by women today are:

  • Poly Cystic Ovaries (PCOS)

All the young women who face irregularity in their periods are likely to become victims of Poly Cystic Ovaries disorder. This disorder has become an epidemic due to unhealthy lifestyle and other unhealthy changes in diet. According to recent statistic, at least 1 in every 3 women faces PCOS disorder. This disorder can be prevented by eating healthy food and managing the weight of the body.

  • Breast and Cervical Cancer:

Breast cancer has emerged as one of the most common disease among women and can be considered as the top killer disease today. Alongside breast cancer, cervical cancer is also gradually catching pace. Five minutes of self breast examination is recommended for the ladies of all ages to detect breast cancer in its nascent stage (early stage), in order to bring down the mortality rates caused due to breast cancer.

  • Depression:

Most of the Women tie their knots with depression in their lives. It leaves an awful impact on their lives inviting many other unexpected disorders. According to recent discovery, the hormonal imbalance that occurs in women as they reach menopause could be considered as the major cause of depression. This depression may lead to suicides and psychotic outbursts. Many average household women suffering from depression are ignored, which also affects in an adverse manner. So, women should be relaxed and rejuvenate their lives after 40. Loving your body and soul is all that is required.

  • Osteoporosis:

The most common and popular companions of woman as she reaches the age of 40-year are pains and aches. These companions fall under a disorder called osteoporosis, which is rarely diagnosed in women until she starts tumbling due to broken bones. As the diagnosis of it takes time, it becomes difficult for the doctors to completely treat woman suffering from osteoporosis. This disease is mainly caused due to deficiency of calcium. So, women must take balanced diet and also eat food containing sufficient quantity of calcium.

  • Heart attacks:

According to the statistics of the last 10 years, there has been an increase in the number of women dying due to heart attacks. Very few women could manage to survive a stroke as per the statistics. Thus, the heart attacks can be considered as serious health problem of women today.

The health problems faced by women are mostly preventable and even curable only if they are detected in the early stage. So, todayā€™s women should take due care of her and adore her body as well as soul to live happy and healthy life.

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