Five Steps of Breast Cancer Self Examination

Five Steps of Breast Cancer Self Examination

It is important that you take the breast cancer self-exam on a regular basis. It will help you to detect if you are affected, at an early stage and thus help you to start with your medications sooner.

Step 1

Check your breasts in the mirror by pulling your shoulders straight and arms on your hips. You should look for the change in shape, size and color of the breasts. Moreover, you should closely watch them for visible distortion or swelling. Also, if you notice any changes then contact your doctor immediately.

Breast Self Examination-Step 1

Step 2

Raise your arms and check for the above mentioned changes.

Breast Self Examination-Step 2

Step 3

Now stand in front of the mirror and check for fluid coming out of the nipples. The fluid can be watery, yellow fluid, milky or blood.

Breast Self Examination-Step 3

Step 4

Now, lay down flat on the ground and feel your. Feel your right breast using your left hand and left one using your right hand. It is important that you use a firm and smooth touch by involving first few finger pads of the hand. Make sure that the fingers are flat and together. Feel your breasts in circular motion, and cover them entirely from top to bottom and from your collarbone to your abdomen and finally from armpit to the cleavage. Using the same pattern cover the whole breast. Now start with the nipple and move your hand in larger circles and reach the outer edge of your breast. Now vertically move your fingers up and down, this approach works best for most of the women. It is important that you feel all tissues of your breasts. As use light pressure, medium pressure and firm pressure depending on the tissues. As you reached the deep tissue the ribcage should be felt.

Breast Self Examination-Step 4

Step 5

For the final step, you should feel your breasts, both while sitting and standing. Most of the women find this an easiest way to feel the breasts. As they stand or sit the skin gets wet and slippery. You can do this step while taking the shower as well. However, you need to cover your entire breast. Use the same hand movements that are described in Step 4.

Breast Self Examination-Step 5

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