Get Rid of Puffy Eyes for That Sparkling Look

Get Rid of Puffy Eyes for That Sparkling Look

Are you dealing with puffy eyes or dark circles beneath the eyes? It can be the cause of some long hard working days or spending many sleepless nights, you might have dealt with either of the two at some point or the other.

Splashing cold water on the face or using a concealer is not the solution to it. You can do better in preventing puffiness of eye or treating baggy eye.

You can start with these simple tips.

Dark circles and bags below your eyes are caused due to various reasons like high concentrations of melanin (hyper pigmentation), loss of fat under the eye and ruptured blood vessels. Consuming excessive caffeine as well as tobacco with little sleep is a general cause of baggy eyes and dark circles.

Good sleep is a cheap, easy way to help reduce dark circles, irrespective of the cause. Along with keeping the eyes bright, sleep aids in the repair system of your body. Though alcohol and caffeine lift your moods for a while, they fail to have the same affect on the skin. They lead to dehydration, which makes dark circles more prominent.

If the reason behind dark circles is high amounts of melanin, ointments having lightening agents like retinol, green tea, soy or vitamin C are beneficial .While using such products and to stimulate their affect, it is advised to avoid sun and apply sunscreen with SPF 30 on daily basis.

Laser treatments decrease the appearance of dark circles caused because of ruptured blood vessels. Vitamin K also has great benefits.

Many things lead to puffiness of eyes — from less sleep, from poor eating habits to aging. To help decrease the appearance of puffiness, you can use several tips.

Sleep is very essential in inhibiting puffy eyes. Eight hours of sleep ca help getting rid of puffy eyes.

Good hydration helps preventing puffy eyes, ample amount of healthy liquids, particularly water aids in keeping the skin firm.

Keeping hold of body fluid leads toswollen eyes. Reducing the intake of salt is the solution to this problem.

Placing slices of cucumber or carrot for few minutes helps in reducing under eye bags.

Few people are prone to bloated eyes or dark circles. With age, skin naturally wears off and the resilience is lost so the puffiness of eye or dark circles appears more prominent.

These are few tips to help you maintain bright eyes but the best method is to keep smiling.

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