Groundbreaking Discovery in HIV

Groundbreaking Discovery in HIV

American Scientists have unraveled that Human Immunodeficiency Virus appropriate the body’s own defense such that it promotes the disease Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), this is a groundbreaking discovery which can help in curbing the spread of the AIDS.

At the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF), Nevin Krogan the associate professor of the cellular pharmacology has described as how does the Human Immunodeficiency Virus commands the restriction factors, that is the class of proteins which have evolved in blocking the viruses like HIV, to make body’s defense weak and this enhances virulence of the HIV infection.

Krogan explained that HIV’s success in affecting the humans is because HIV virus quickly evolves new strategies to attack the body, and further explaining he said that HIV virus uses protein of our own body against us is prime example of this research. Adding further after shedding light on the complex process by HIV in infecting body’s immune system, Krogan has said that this brings us a step closer in process of developing new effective drugs for fighting with the HIV virus.

“One of the keys to HIV`s success is how quickly it can evolve new attack strategies — and the way in which it uses our own proteins against us is a prime example of that,However, now that we`ve shed light on this complex process, we are one step closer to developing new drugs that will help us pull ahead in this evolutionary arms race” said Krogan.

This discovery is touted as a groundbreaking discovery of the last year. AIDs which has caused death of more than 25 million people all over the world, since first time the disease has been identified, some thirty years ago. In United States alone, more than one million persons have infection of HIV to full blown AIDS, whose annual cost is $34 billion.

The experiments by the Krogan have shown promises in development of more effective drugs that is the antiretroviral therapies for people who have infection of HIV. Krogan has also expressed that this research has laid foundation in future researches at the Gladstone Institute which is affiliated with the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF).

This research is groundbreaking because it has helped in knowing how the HIV virus basically infects the body and thus knowing this process is helping in further research to fight against the deadly HIV virus.

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