Gynaecologists strictly recommend Rubella Vaccine before Pregnancy

Gynaecologists strictly recommend Rubella Vaccine before Pregnancy

April 27, 2012: Before pregnancy, Immunisation from time-to-time is very important for the health of new born baby. Thus, the gynecologists strictly recommend vaccination against rubella before pregnancy as it helps save the child from various congenital deformities like deafness, blindness, retarded mental growth and heart problems. As per the doctors, the female must get vaccinated against rubella before three months of her conceiving a child.

The senior gynaecologist and department head at Bombay Hospital, Dr Neerja Pauranik said, “A few people get the vaccination done at their level. There is lack of awareness about the vaccine and a few avoid on economical reasons too. However, the vaccine is not costly and is also safe to use.” However, she also said that nearly 5% of women develop mild rashes on their skin as side effect of the vaccination of which they need not worry. It is to be noted that the vaccine shouldn’t be taken when the women is pregnant but before three months of conceiving a child.

German measles, commonly referred as rubella, is a disease capable of affecting the mothers expecting a child and can severely harm the unborn child. Thus, it is advisable to get vaccinated against rubella during pre pregnancy.

An Indore gynaecologist consultant Dr Ruma Shukla said, “It can seriously affect infant’s vision and hearing abilities. If you are infected with it during the first four months of pregnancy, it can cause brain and heart problems to the child. If a pregnant woman’s blood shows that she has recently been infected with rubella, she may be counseled for a termination of pregnancy.” Dr Shukla went on to explain further about the infection saying that rubella is the cause of most of the post marital and recurrent abortions.

If we go by the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation, then the counties should take up activities to control and eliminate the acceleration of the measles and also introduce vaccination against rubella. All the countries that haven’t introduced vaccination against rubella and just provides two measles vaccine doses making use of supplementary immunization or routine immunisation activities should include rubella vaccine in their programme as well. However, it is to be noted that the vaccination against rubella isn’t included in Madhya Pradesh immunization programme.

The girls falling in the age group of 12 to 26 years should be vaccinated against rubella in order to avoid congenital malformation among girls, according to Dr Seema Vijayvargiya (secretary of Indore Obs-gynae Society).  “Only one dose of Rs 30 can save a newborn child from the infection,” she added.

Rotary Club provides the vaccine for free irrespective of the nominal market cost of the vaccine. In addition to this, the club has vaccinated 30,000 girls against rubella the previous year and is looking forward to conduct an awareness drive in institutions like schools and colleges.

Dr Nalini Langar of Rotary Club believes that it is an essential responsibility of the entire members of the club and also the associated gynaecologists to spread awareness on the disease and thereby, contribute to the formation of healthy society.

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