Hospitals received Notice to Evict McDonald’s Restaurants from Hospital Premises

Hospitals received Notice to Evict McDonald’s Restaurants from Hospital Premises

April 11, 2012: You may be surprised to find an outlet of the McDonald’s next to the hospital’s cafeteria. However, it’s the fact. About two dozen hospitals host McDonald’s restaurants that are dwelling within the hospital premises.

After knowing about this, an advocacy group known as Corporate Accountability International has sent a letter to each hospital hosting fast-food restaurant asking them to throw out these outlets. The group has asked the hospital authorities to stop fostering a food environment which promotes harmful diet and not healthy food habits.

Also, this group has been leading a larger campaign against McDonald’s for marketing to kids and is asking the restaurant company to stop doing so. This initiative by the group has been endorsed by around 2,000 health professionals out of whom some works at the hospitals still hosting the McDonald’s fast food outlets, according to campaign director Sara Deon.

McDonald's burgers and fries“We hear from physicians saying kids come in for their diabetic check-ups and they hear the parents saying ‘If you are well-behaved, we’ll take you for a treat at the McDonald’s down the hall,’ ” said Deon. He added saying that this doesn’t only help McDonald’s get business, but also gets a healthy image boost.

However, breaking these ties with the company is not easy task. In many instances, the long contracts signed much before the adoption of a “culture of wellness” by hospitals has kept unwelcomed food vendors in their place like before. The best instance of it is prestigious Cleveland Clinic. In 2005, the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic endeavoured to evict McDonald’s restaurant but the outlet is still there. Surprisingly, one of the doctors who led the initiative to oust the McDonald’s outlet from the Cleveland Clinic is now the CEO of the Hospital.

Contrary to this, McDonald’s said that it has 27 outlets in hospitals and these outlets offer plenty of balanced choices. “Today, we offer more variety than ever in our menu and we trust that our customers will make the appropriate choices for them, their families and lifestyles,” said McDonald’s Spokesperson addressing to the media.

However, it’s not only McDonald’s that is selling fatty, salty and sugary food in hospitals, but Subway, Pizza Hut, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks and other chains also have outlets in the hospital. Apart from this, a vegan advocacy group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine came across several hospitals which allowed multi fast food outlets and also boasted staff cooks that would serve fried items in their own cafeterias.

Deon has accepted that their group is campaigning against McDonald’s not all others mainly because it’s a huge outlet chain making the most profit and also because it lead the way.

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