Message on this World Laughter Day 2012: Laughing is the Best Medicine

Message on this World Laughter Day 2012: Laughing is the Best Medicine

May 5, 2012: The people across the world will celebrate the World laughter Day on this Sunday. The celebration of this day has been started by the creator of Laughter Yoga Dr Madan Kataria. Dr Madan Kataria used to believe that: “When You Laugh – You Change – When You Change – The Whole World Changes.”

With the objective of Laughing for World Peace, the first World Laughter Day was held in Mumbai, India by Dr Kataria on January 11, 1998. This practice of celebrating the laughter day became a huge success. Later, the date was changed to first Sunday of May. And since then, the first Sunday of May has been observed as the World Laughter Day every year. The Laughter Clubs spread across the world in over 60 countries sends massive laughter waves around the world by laughing at 12 o’clock local time on May’s first Sunday every year.

Madhuri Dixit LaughingGorgeous Aishwarya Rai LaughingDeepika Padukone Laughing

The life of the people has been burdened by many responsibilities, pressures, demands and many other socio-economic problems in today’s world. This burden gradually results in stressful life, busy schedule and various other health issues. Laughter relaxes your mind and gives a soothing feel to your body. It works as a medicine for your body and mind that gradually enhance your health and makes you more capable of dealing with overburdened life.

Thus, the laughter day is celebrated widely across the world. On this day, the people take part in laughter sessions wherein they do simple, inclusive and very funny laughter exercises. Then the group goes for a picnic, play games, listen to music and do all that relaxes them. The people of all ages, experiences, fitness, etc. are allowed to become part of the laughter session.

So, laugh freely on this Sunday to promote World Peace and feel relaxed, happy and filled with positivity.

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  1. Moatasem says:

    Great event, actually we need these activity to protect ourselves. :D

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