Mistletoe – A Way to Fight Cancer

Mistletoe – A Way to Fight Cancer

Mistletoe is a plant belonging to santalales family and is a hemi-parasitic plant. As being a hemi-parasite it grows on the branches of other tree like oak, pine, elm, apple, spruce and poplar, etc. it’s been considered as an important herb used in medicines and has been in use in old days to treat various types of cancers. But most importantly it is being use for the treatment of cancer of breast and gynecology. The extracts from mistletoe found in Europe (viscum album loranthacea) are being used as a side medicine along with the modern therapies for cancer. Mistletoe helps to improve one’s immune system, helps reduce the side effects of cheamotherapy, increases the chances of survival after cancer, and improve the quality of one’s life.

Mistletoes found in Europe are rich in many biologically active compound, lectins which are the important compound consist of two major polypeptide chains, one of which is a carbohydrate binding B chain which is able to penetrate the cells combining with the receptors which are present on the cell surface. And the second one being the catalytic A chain which is responsible in deactivation of the a ribosome’s by deducting the residue of an adenine from 28S RNA of 60S sub- unit of ribosome which kick starts the synthesis of protein.

Viscotoxins is another compound which is important and is found in European mistletoe, they are proteins that kick start a stimulatory effect on ones immune system and is responsible for cytotoxic action on the cells of cancer.

In Germany the most important anti cancer drug is mistletoe. Study shows that, iscador (extract from the European mistletoe) which is available commercially is said to prolong the survival time of a person suffering from cancer of the breast, colon, and stomach. A study conducted on 10,226 cancer patients out of which 1668 were being treated with iscador, and the rest received the modern cancer therapy. Those who received iscador treatment, the survival time of those patients was increased by 40%.athe research even shows that when a person undergoing breast cancer chemotherapy were protected from the side effects of the treatment.

With all the benefits of mistletoe can cause, it even carries side effect and some of them are mentioned below:

The place where the mistletoe is injected can get soreness, inflammation and can even cause fever with chills, mild headache, transient flu and lymphadenopathy. Some of the cases where the patient is sensitive, anaphylactic shocks were reported. The side effects caused by mistletoe totally depend on the host plant from which it was actually extracted.

Further research is still undergoing as to what more can be achieved from a simple and humble plant called mistletoe, only then can it become available commercially for more and more patients suffering from cancer.

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