Overcome The Rapist

Overcome The Rapist

Presently countless rape victims are ill treated by family as well as the society. But there is always a scope of improvement and one should not loose hope. Falling in despair and seclusion will not help. People are changing and so is their take on various issues. Though you will find many people disrespecting you, it is in your hand to gather some courage and look for more help, more people who are genuine and ready to stand by you and are supportive. The incident can haunt you for ages however by means of some guidance and medical help you can overcome the trauma and lead a normal healthy lifestyle.

A general problem faced by the rape victims is difficulty in asking for help because the feeling of shamefulness and weakness overpowers them. In such condition, you must seek help from a close friend and find more help by the masses.

A victim may deal with complications like depression, normal as well as phobic anxiety, lack of trust and intimacy, low self confidence, feeling of helplessness, rage, and irritability.

Treatment of rape victim comprises of methods to help the sufferer rise above these feelings. The main objectives of the treatment are to stabilize the woman’s reaction to the episode, to bring back the feeling of dignity, power and control, to improve the psychosocial conditions of the victim, to assist family members and partners in changing their opinion and behavior towards the victim.

Treatment approaches can be dealt in the following manner:

Acute preventive interference focuses on decreasing the constant post traumatic responses.

Acute treatments deal with providing adequate feeling of security and comfort to the victims. It is very essential prior to initiating any therapeutic interference. It includes pharmacotherapy. In pharmacotherapy various drugs are given in cases of constant depression which leads to destruction of functioning. Normally tranquillizers are used to treat disturbance in sleep and regular anxiety.

Treatment of long-term disorder comprises of treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy which involves minute observations in the behavioral pattern of the victim and assisting in improving the conditions.

Certainly a rape victim has to undergo a great amount of trauma and humiliation. It is the responsibility of our society to change our notions and provide a helping hand to such people. The mental and physical condition of a rape victim can be improved by means of professional help and the support of family and friends.

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