Suffering from Migraine – Lessen Your Head-ache

Suffering from Migraine – Lessen Your Head-ache

Migraines and all kinds of headache – like sinus headache and tension headache – are agonizing and disturb the peace of life. Symptoms of migraine include a thumping headache, sickness and sensitivity to light. Headache medications comprises of different forms of substances giving relief from pain. Migraine treatments can include anti nausea medicines and therapies to prevent or cease headaches.

According to the estimation of National foundation of Headache, about 28million Americans are suffering from migraines. The percentage of women suffering from migraines is more than that of men and one fourth of them experience more than four attacks monthly. Every migraine attack can last from couple of hours to few days.

Though migraines are often related to the alteration in the working of brain and a person’s genetic history, the actual cause still remains unknown. The affinity to be sensitive to Migraines triggers like changes in weather, stress, bright lights etc may be inherited by people suffering from migraines. It is believed that abnormalities in some regions of brain are the main reason behind migraines. These abnormalities can be inherited.

Migraines can be triggered by external aspects. They can include emotional tension. sensitivity to certain chemical compounds and preservatives used in food, caffeine, weather conditions, menstrual periods,  starving, lack of sufficient sleep. Migraines are associated with medical conditions like Asthma, hypertension, sleeping disorders, etc.

Migraine symptoms may occur in combinations. They include conditions like mild ache which develops into pounding pain. The pain is generally provoked by physical action. Such pain can move from one part of the brain to another or sometimes the entire head. Sensitivity to noise, feeling very cold or warm, stomach upset, giddiness, unclear vision, fatigue are few symptoms.

Preventing migraines is possible. Migraine attacks can be reduced by identifying and ignoring substances which triggers migraine. Patterns of headache can be noted and the headache triggers can be identified by making use of headache diary.

Managing stress and acquiring coping techniques along with getting relaxation training can aid in preventing or decreasing the intensity of the attacks. Preventive therapies can be taken at specific time by women who get migraines on arrival of the menstrual period. The number of migraine attacks can be reduced by having proper meals on time and ample rest.

Migraines have no cure. However many medicines are available in order to treat or prevent few migraines. Many medicines available at the chemists provide relief for people suffering from migraines. If headaches are experienced on a regular basis, drugs to prevent these headaches are prescribed by the doctors as a prophylactic measure.

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