Symptoms That Warrant Medical Attention

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Symptoms That Warrant Medical Attention

Firstly, it is very important that you see a health care provider on a regular basis. We all need health screenings, counseling, preventive care and immunizations. There are few common symptoms that require medical attention immediately. Few of them are chest pain, unexplained bleeding, abdominal pain, etc; on the other hand there are symptoms that demand a timely visit to the health care provider few of them are mentioned below:

If there is an unexplained weight loss

If you have an unexplained weight loss 5 per cent in a month or almost 10 per cent in last six to 12 months, then there are chances that you need to meet your doctor. An unexplained weight loss is a vital symptom of overactive thyroid, liver disease, depression, noncancerous disorders, cancer, etc.

If you are having persistent fever

Normally, persistent fever is evaluated if it lasts for more than seven days. Fever is a signal of various underlying infections. Few medical conditions as well as cancers are responsible for prolonged persistent fever. There are changes that fever is accompanied by some violent chills and must be evaluated immediately by a health care provider.

If you experience shortness of breath

Wheezing or gasping for air is few of the medical emergencies that would require medical care immediately. Shortness of breath is an important symptom of asthma, anxiety, heart problems, blood clots in the lungs or panic attacks.

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If there are unexplained changes in the bowel habits

If you have experienced unexplained changes in your bowel habits, then it is very important that you visit your doctor immediately. There are chances of severe diarrhea that may last more than three days. It is also a symptom of mild diarrhea, which may last for seven days or more. Unexplained changes in the bowel habits may also lead to constipation that normally lasts for almost two weeks. You should get in touch with your doctor if you are experiencing black or tar-colored stools and bloody diarrhea. Bowel habit changes are mostly caused due to bacterial infection, inflammatory bowel disease, a viral infection or colon cancer.

If you experience a sudden change in your mental status

Disorientation, gradual or sudden confused thinking, hallucinations or sudden aggressive behavior in someone who never had a history of them must visit their health care provider. Sudden changes in thinking or behavior are caused by head injury, infection, low blood sugar, stroke or medications.

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