Stay Healthy During the Holidays with These 7 Simple Tips

Stay Healthy During the Holidays with These 7 Simple Tips

Staying fit during holidays can be a challenge because people tend to go overboard with eating and lazing. After all, holiday is a respite from working! However, during holidays also most of the people do realize that they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which includes dietary restrictions apart from some physical activity. Nevertheless, exercising without any measurement is of little use because they would not know whether they’ve burnt away excess calories.

Here are seven tips to stay healthy even on vacations or retirement.

1.       Carry a Fitness Tracker along

Comprehensive activity trackers are primarily electronic devices which indicate how much of activity is undertaken by a person throughout the day and how many calories were burnt away during specified period. Effectively, the person can control calories intake or burn more calories by exercising based on the reports generated by such activity trackers.

Many of the activity trackers such as Fitbug orb are able to send information to PCs, compatible smartphones, and other Bluetooth compatible devices. Streaming of such information in time alerts the person of impending consequences and prompts self discipline, which doesn’t usually come when similar advice is given by physicians or family member.

2.        Set Targets for Health

As long as there is no indication of achievement, or targets, people tend to be disinterested in getting serious about any fitness regimen. Research has indicated that people are inclined to be motivated with objects such as fitness trackers, pedometers, step counters, and exercise trackers to improve, manage, and monitor their health regimen because they are able to get instant results about their efforts and can cleverly include what they like to eat by adding an exercise round to such binging.

3.       Join your Family for Exercising

Compete with a family member or friend in any physical activity such as running, jogging, or even walking. Such activities can be measured more accurately with device such as pedometer. These devices have been around for almost a century now. Software applications have improved their functions giving them new dimensions. For example, these devices can now relay information to iOS devices that are compatible with Bluetooth 4.00 or higher versions of such wireless communication.  This helps people to store information and keep track of their health and simultaneously win any bet amongst friends

4.       Try Unusual Activities that Require Some Physical Effort

Of course, this can be dangerous if the person is suddenly starting such activities.  Fitness tracker with sophisticated features such as heart rate tracking can help them to know their limits. Effectively, it is like a stress test that is suggested by physician. However, the device can warn the person in advance, and to motivate a person for improving upon stress tolerance levels.

5.       Try Aerobic Exercises with Music

Aerobic exercises such as moving up and down steps are recorded separately with the step counter in many of the fitness trackers. A software program incorporated within the device also calculates the calories burnt away during such exercises.

6.       Eat Healthy

Include sufficient fresh juice or health drink timings within the holiday itinerary. These ensure that a person gets ample vitamins and minerals, apart from creating a feeling of being full, and thereby reducing rich food intake.

7.       Try New Fruits in New Places

There can also be a lucky discovery of the fruit at a new place that contributes to health, and is acceptable to taste buds, as well. Moreover, activity trackers can warn how much exercising is needed to follow such eating.

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