Comedy King Robin Williams Hanged at Home: Was Battling Depression

Comedy King Robin Williams Hanged at Home: Was Battling Depression

Winner of Oscar Robin Williams was found dead in his home. He had committed suicide. He was battling with depression. Robin Williams who has been known for his amazing comic timing, great roles, inspiration of many actors, amazing human and great actor had to hang himself.

This brings to us a harsh fact of reality in our life; depression is not for the weak. Depression is state of mind disease which can happen to anyone, like the successful Robin Williams who succumbed to death due to depression.

Robin Williams Oscar Awards

Don’t pity, sympathize or criticize people who have depression or mind related diseases such as bipolar. All they need is empathy, support and love from you people. Depression is a disease and not the weakness of mind. Depression can happen to you also.

Depression can be treated with medication and psychotherapy. People with depression are not psychotic rather they are the people who need help to live their life in more happy way. They need to be made understand that they can be happy. Due to many reasons the depression can happen. Proper diagnosis and treatment is very essential as people with depression tend to have suicidal conditions.

Major negative events in one life can bring depression, but depression is also called because of physical conditions such as imbalance of hormones, or no proper secretion of serotonin and other neurotransmitters.

This is why it is important that people who have disease get treatment done, as treatment helps in preventing the bouts of depression and help you live an effective and happy life.

And people who have their loved ones, family members, friends and colleagues as affected with depression need to help such people get proper treatment and see that they effectively follow the treatment. But most important don’t criticize or think them as underdog, or bully such people. Most important be their support and not think them as weak mind.

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