Study Reveals Evidence of Exercise Leading to Female Orgasm and Sexual Pleasure

Study Reveals Evidence of Exercise Leading to Female Orgasm and Sexual Pleasure

March 21, 2012: A study conducted by the researchers of Indiana University has revealed the subjective evidence confirming that exercise can lead to female orgasm and sexual pleasure, even when the females are not fantasizing sexually or thinking about the ones they were attracted to during the exercise.

Although the findings of the study are new, this phenomenon is well known in the media for years with the name called “coregasm” mainly due to association of such experiences with the exercises for core abdominal muscles, according to Debby Herbenick (co-director of the Centre for Sexual Health Promotion in IU’s School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation).

“The most common exercises associated with exercise-induced orgasm were abdominal exercises, climbing poles or ropes, biking/spinning and weight lifting,” said Herbenick, who is also a widely read book author and advice columnist. “These data are interesting because they suggest that orgasm is not necessarily a sexual event, and they may also teach us more about the bodily processes underlying women’s experiences of orgasm.”

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A leading journal in the field of sex therapy and sexual health, Sexual and Relationship Therapy has published the findings of the study in its special issue. The co-author of the study is J. Dennis Fortenberry (M.D. and Professor, IU School of Medicine and Centre for Sexual Health Promotion affiliate).

The findings are based on online administered surveys including women aged 18 to 63 years – mostly in a relationship or married and around 69% reported to be heterosexual. The findings are also influenced with 124 women who claimed of experiencing exercise-induced orgasms (EIO) and 246 women experiencing exercise-induced sexual pleasure (EISP).

  • Some of the significant results include:

Out of the women who had experienced EIO and EISP, around 40% had done so on 10 plus occasions.

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Most women from the group who had experienced EIO reported of feeling self-conscious to a certain extent when working out in public places. And nearly 20% out of these women reported of losing control over their experience. Also, majority of these women claimed that they were not fantasizing sexually or thinking about their partners/attractions during their experience.

It was also found that diversified physical exercise were directly associated with the EIO and EISP. Exactly 51.4% women of the group who experienced EIO reported of experiencing an orgasm during abdominal exercises within the previous 90 days, while others reported during exercises like weight lifting (26.5%), yoga (20%), bicycling (15.8), running (13.2%) and walking/hiking (9.6%).

It is to be noticed that the abdominal exercises were specifically in connection with the “captain’s chair” comprising of a rack, padded armrests and back support allowing the legs to hang. The motive is to repeatedly try touching the chest by lifting knees upwards or towards a 90⁰ angle with respect to the angle of the body.

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However, even after finding these data, the reason behind the phenomenon of EIO and EISP is unclear and is expected get clear in the future research. This phenomenon is also looked upon as assisting data for other sexual health related future researches.  According to Herbenick, the findings may help the women experiencing EIO/EISP feel more normal about their experiences. She also made it clear that it is still not known whether such exercises are capable of improving sexual experiences of women. She added, “It may be that exercise — which is already known to have significant benefits to health and well-being — has the potential to enhance women’s sexual lives as well.”

The study has not determined as to how commonly a women experience EIO or EISP. However, if we go by the authors note, then it took them hardly 5 weeks to recruit 370 women experiencing the phenomenon. These women also suggested that the phenomenon wasn’t rare. The author Herbenick also said that the magazines and other media have highlighted the “coregasm” for a long period of time, but they have largely missed out on this area of women’s sexual health research over the past six decades.

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