Women are Losing Weight to Fit in Wedding Gown

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Women are Losing Weight to Fit in Wedding Gown

April 17, 2012: Ms. Jennifer Derrick had put on up to 159 pounds from 125 and she wanted to fit into her grandmother’s gown which she knew she wouldn’t. So, she went for prescription pills, vitamin B shots and visited the Medithin clinic in Jenesville, Wis paying $45 weekly. At the time of her marriage on 18th March 2012, she could perfectly fit into wedding gown from 1938, by losing extra to be back at 125 pounds again.

Similarly, a 41-year old Jessica Schnaider of surfside in Florida in March was making preparations to buy a wedding gown for her and so she spent 8 days on a feeding tube. She was offered only 800 calories diet a day under the supervision of the doctor. She went to her business wearing the tube in her nose.

Also, the Princess Kate middleton followed fitness regime before her wedding to look thin and beautiful last year. Her fitness regime included Dukan diet, high-energy workout like rowing, running and yoga, and her lifestyle which comprises activities such as skiing, swimming, horse riding and playing tennis. All these factors largely contributed in making her fit in her wedding gown on April 29, 2011.

Kate middleton in wedding gown

A study of 2007 Cornell University by Lori Neighbors and Jeffery Sobal found out that out of the 272 engaged women 70% wanted to lose weight, typically 20 pounds. Thus, the number of brides going on crash diets is increasing watching and getting inspired by celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker just wear a revealing and expensive gown. Also, they are aware that the wedding photos are forever even if the marriage is not.

The seamstresses are usually busy taking in gowns just before two months of fittings before most clients’ wedding at Kleinfeld Bridal, New York. “Bride usually says: I don’t want the size 16, I want the 14 or the 12,” said Jennette Kruszka, marketing director of Kleinfeld. The Kleinfeld resists the brides from taking smaller sizes as taking a dress in is easy, but letting it out is difficult. “There was no way I could imagine seeing myself in a strapless bridal gown,” said a 36-year old Colleen McGowan, a New Yorker used Weight Watchers and hired a personal trainer nine years ago to lose 20 pounds for her wedding.

“I’ve been training brides for 12 to 13 years, and the typical weight loss is 15 to 20 pounds,” said Ms. Fleming, who charges $140 to $200 per session. One of her customers did push-ups before walking the aisle because she was very much impressed and proud of her improved arms. Moreover, a music entrepreneur in Brooklyn, Brooke Baxter ordered the BluePrintCleanse costing $65 per day for 6 bottles of organic juice that helped her lose 6 pounds within three days. She got engaged in this November and will be marrying in May. She said that she will cleanse again before her wedding.

BluePrint also actively courts brides and suggests on its website as well – “a cleanse with your whole bridal party.” The founder of the BluePrint, Erica Huss explained the diet’s effect as “You’re working out all the bad stuff.” So do something different, try an all-juice diet which is a laxative. However, many detoxing cleanses make misleading claims, according to Dr. David Gorski who is an associate professor of surgery at Wayne State University, Detroit as well as a blogger at Science-Based Medicine. “Do you notice they never tell you what the toxins actually are?” he added. “There’s no science to back them up.”

“Celebrities are not known for doing things that are necessarily the healthiest or most sensible in many parts of their lives,” said Dr. Louis Aronne (Director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Program, NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center). “Nutrition should probably be included in that.”

In addition to this, Atkins diet inspired the South Beach diet which is known as the high-protein and low-fat Dukan diet. “I didn’t want to be a fat bride,” said a 31-yearold Casey Crisefi, from Hagerstown, Pa., who lost 70 pounds on Dukan. The other most drastic diets include daily injections of human chrionic gonadotropin – a hormone associated with pregnancy. However, the Food and Drug Administration in December countered the method stating it as fraudulent for weight loss and illegal, and the prescription for it is not associated with any kind of help in weight loss. Although the doctors don’t recommend them, the women lose weight by making combination of injections with the 500-calorie diet by weekly meeting the registered nurse to the combination. These cost $950 which includes hormone, medical screening and instructions in taking the self-administered shots. Lindsay Gardner, 28, lost 14 pounds within six weeks of diet before her wedding in the previous year.

Adding to the list is a K-E diet by Dr. Oliver R. Di Pietro which he offers at his clinic in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida since last year. “I get a lot of brides,” said Dr. Di Pietro. “Nervous eating.” This process makes use of the nasogastric tube, a tube which goes to the stomach through nose down the oesophagus, that help provide all the required nourishments without carbohydrates for 10 days. This process helps in losing weight quickly, but the patients at his clinic are monitored during the 10 days for issues like bad breath, constipation and dizziness. “Any extreme low-calorie diet is associated with side effects, kidney stones, dehydration, headaches,” said Dr. Aronne, “and if you lose muscle mass and water, what’s the point of that?”

It is to be noted that the tube diet is new in U.S., but it has been in use in Italy and Spain for years casually to lose weight before a big event and also for more significant weight loss. The director of the Center for Metabolic Health and Bariatric Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Dr. Scott Shikora said, “Putting a tube in one’s nose, it’s not always comfortable and pleasant. And this has to be medically supervised.”

“At first I decided not to do it for people who just want to lose a few pounds,” said Dr. Pietro. “But then I thought, why should I say 5 or 10 pounds are not enough? People want to be perfect.” Contrary to this, Dr. Shikora said that restriction of calorie leads to weight loss. “The novelty is, they shove a tube in your nose,” he added. “It doesn’t matter if it’s through a tube, a straw, a meal plan,” he further said. “They all work, if someone goes from 3,000 calories a day to 800.”

The issue is not that the women go dieting, but the problem is that the crash dieting is becoming general. The crash diet may not be good in the long run for the women and thus, it’s advisable to not to go on crash diet. “I don’t want to tell a bride she shouldn’t look good for the wedding,” said Dr. Aronne. “But we tell them, ‘You can get to the same place if you started earlier, instead of waiting until the last minute and doing something drastic.’ ”

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