Canada & Caribbean: EIM introduces tDPT Program in Musculoskeletal Management

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Canada & Caribbean: EIM introduces tDPT Program in Musculoskeletal Management

May 2, 2012: A U.S. based educational institution for physiotherapy – Evidence In Motion Institute of Health Professions (EIM) is all set to cross borders to globally enhance the role of physiotherapy and expand their offerings of transitional doctorate in physical therapy programs to physiotherapists in Canada and the Caribbean.

EIM is provider of Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal Management (tDPT) Program to physiotherapists who want to upgrade their bachelors or masters degree to the doctoral level. The program is offered to the physiotherapists with the help of dynamic combination of informative, collaborative and experiences of clinical education via online courses, weekend intensive practical courses and also clinical practice hours.

tDPT Program in Musculoskeletal Management

Julie Whitman (PT, DSc.), tDPT Program Director of EIM, said that this degree program is an effective opportunity for physiotherapists to keep maintaining their evolving clinical responsibilities. She also said, “We’ve developed the curriculum in such a way that the students are not required to commit significant time away from their practices. They can easily balance their education, practice, and personal lives while obtaining their education from leaders in physiotherapy research, clinical practice, education, and private practice management.”

EIM’s distance learning model has been altered by the institute to meet the physiotherapy requirements of Canadian and Caribbean. This program offered to Canadian and Caribbean physiotherapy is distinctive and flexible. As most of the program is offered online, the physiotherapists residing in geographically isolated countries in the Caribbean and many Canadian cities will not face any sort of hindrances in their professional development. This tDPT Program provided by EIM is a source that enables the practicing professionals to improve their patient care and elevate the physiotherapy’s role in delivering health care in each Province of Canada and the entire islands of Caribbean.

Dr. Larry Benz (DPT, MBA), EIM founder and principle, said that their mission has always been to elevate the role of physiotherapy in the modern health care environment. He further said that it has become imperative for their industry to expand post-graduate education and assert themselves as a doctoring profession at global platform. He added saying, “EIM’s multinational doctorate program is aligned with our professional responsibility to bridge the gap between the academic setting and clinical practice.”
It is to be noted that EIM is an educational institution dedicated in providing a culture of evidence-based practice (EBP) within the profession of physical therapy.

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