Oats at their Best

Oats at their Best

Including oats in ones diet has numerous and important benefits for good health. You would definitely be surprised with some of the facts about oats reveled by new studies.

Oats when eaten whole provide with great amount of fiber which is half soluble and half insoluble. The soluble fiber in oat is actually beta-glucans which helps lowering cholesterol. Thesoluble fiber when passes the digestive tract, breaking down it forms into a gel that blocks the particles linked to cholesterol and cholesterol bile acids. This gel blocking the cholesterol from getting absorbed in the bloodstream helps to terminate LDL(bad cholesterol) without actually disturbing HDL(good cholesterol). All types of grains including oats are very good sources of tocotrienols .The antioxidants present in oats along with tocopherols combine to form vitaminE. The accumulated cholesterol is responsible for many cardiovascular diseases. When consuming oats or any other low fat and high fiber helps lowering cholesterol better when taken along with vigorous exercise. Reducing blood sugar levels will help avoid many conditions relating to diabetes. The beta glucan present in oats helps in slowing down the process of digestion which in turn helps the body to absorb carbohydrates in the blood which indeed help in maintain the sugar level in the blood.

Wheat Oatmeal Cookies

Oats contain plant chemical just like vegetables and grains which are known to reduce the chances of being affected with cancer. Thelignans present in oats help in reducing the risk of many hormone related cancer like breast,ovarian,prostate and endometrialcancer. Studies have shown that oats can give good results for ladies in reducing the risk of being affected with blood cancer by reducing the circulation of oestrogen levels in the blood which is one factor related to breastcancer. Oats being high in soluble fiber helps in reducing hypertension, high blood pressure which results in further complications. Oats are known to have high fibers which helpin keeping the bowel habits under check helping to avoid constipation. Oats contain soluble fiber which form gel after digestion, thegel increases the viscosity inside the stomach which makes you feel full for longer helping in weight loss. Research shows that kids who eat oatmeal instead of other food are at lower risk of obesity, compared to the kids who had other food.

Oats being rich source of carbohydrates provide calories which get converted into energy and increases the metabolic rate when consumes 45 mins prior to exercising intensely.

Observation: oats being full of vitamins like folic acid,thiamin,biotin and folic acid. A rich source of fiber along with zinc,iron, copper, manganese and selenium makes it a complete meal for kids as well as adults. So grab a bowl today!

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