4th Feb – The World Cancer Day: Stand Up And Do Something Before It Starts

4th Feb – The World Cancer Day: Stand Up And Do Something Before It Starts

Cancer is a disease that is taking many lives and it is accountable for millions of death so far. People all around the world, somehow have been affected by cancer, some people have cancer, some people close one’s- family or friends are affected by this deadly disease. People who have cancer die are gruesome death cause of pain and its treatments and people who live with such cancer people they themselves get emotionally traumatic. To ease the burden faced by many people across the globe.

4th February  is observed as World Cancer Day by International Union against Cancer  along with the support of WHO. It mainly focuses on improving the quality of life for people suffering from cancer and taking measures to prevent cancer completely.

World Cancer Day (WCD) is the only initiative in which the whole world can battle against the cancer epidemic united.

WDC intends to help out save many deaths which can be prevented every year by means of raising awareness and educating people about cancer and pressurizing the government globally to take immediate action against cancer. WDC is very important because the cancer epidemic spread globally is massive and is bound to rise. Each month over 600,000 deaths occur because of cancer many of which can possibly be avoided if there is considerable support and finance available from government bodies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment .Unless immediate action is taken to increase the awareness regarding cancer and developing strategies to eradicate the disease, people will keep on dying prematurely because of the disease. Importantly, it is estimated that the cases of cancer and deaths related to it will double in the coming 20-40years.

 More than the past it has now become vital to have a well coordinated and intensive fight against the disease and it is believed that World Cancer Day has the potential to play its role by facilitating a bigger platform for many cancer messages.

 A new website has been created by Union For International Cancer Control (UICC) this year dedicated for this day. It showcases the activities carried out by people in different parts of the world on an interactive basis. All the actions like fundraising, measures to aware people and so on are shared on the site so that the entire world knows and gets motivated.

A logo is been designed by UICC to set up a global recognition and identity for the World Cancer Day .The logo can be used as a symbol in the activities carried out related to Cancer.

Cancer is affecting number of people and their families and this will continue to happen if we fail to work against it in a responsible manner. Therefore such days should be inculcated and worked upon sincerely.

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