Providing Good Health Options in Your Office

Providing Good Health Options in Your Office

Are you the type of business owner who doesn’t wash their hands after using the toilet, has mysterious stains on their shirt, belches from their bellicose stomach and eats over their keyboard, watching every crumb fall into the cracks like disgusting snowflakes?

You are, you caricature of a disgusting person, probably not alone.

Many offices are bastions of filth, prompting the type of poor hygiene normally associated with a tramp-in-a-bin. Even office equipment as seemingly harmless as a telephone can harbor more than 25,127 microbes per square inch, while a keyboard contains 400 times more germs than the average toilet seat.

But follow a few of these tips and you’ll find that your office can be healthier, cleaner and free from the threat of illness.

Clean Up That Washroom

Washroom Cleaning

Your washroom is the hub of good health in your office, yet so many workplaces neglect theirs to the point of ridiculousness.

You’ve probably found it yourself – the toilet browning, the sink sputtering grime and the walls cracking paint. Chances are you don’t want that fate for your own washroom, so invest in high-tech hand dryers, low flow toilets and more antibacterial soap to allow employees to make their hygiene optimal.

Also, bear in mind the difference in gender-needs when kitting out your toilets – Provide sanitary bin disposal for the women’s bogs and consider stocking the men’s with some pungent smelling deodorant for those inevitable sweaty days.

Boost Office Morale

Office Morale

Have you ever lain in bed, sick as a dog and filthy as one, too? Then you’ll understand exactly how closely motivation and energy links to hygiene.

If your workers are feeling down in the dumps or stressed out from their workload, they’ll be far less likely to wash their hands after flushing or bother to keep their workspace in a state of good health.

So, you’ve got to make sure that your entire team isn’t in the doldrums. Try motivational days out, help them develop their skills or simply get conversation flowing around your office for a boost in the day-to-day vibe.

Scrape Those Nooks and Crannies

If a keyboard was in an advert on hygiene, it would be a moustache-twirling, cat-stroking villain, cackling at every army of bacteria it sent towards your hands as you typed.

And the problem of filthy keyboards is only escalating – as more office workers eat at their desks, the crumbs caught in the nooks and crannies of your keys is increasing.

For one thing, stop eating over your keyboard. For another, be sure to scrub the keys regularly and clear the board of crumbs as often as you can. That way, it’ll turn from a moustachioed villain to a faithful friend.

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